Pipe dreams

I just want to be remembered for something.Thats the goal. Right now, It seems like a bunch of Pipe dreams. Also I love Rihanna

Love seeing my snap chat story the next morning. #whaaat
The biggest yawn. #sotired #charli
Jacks palace theatre debut doing the 50/50 raffle pull last night 😍❤️
One of the campers looks like @lordemusic Lorde.
I just wanna squish her face! #charli
Stars reunite. So good to see her and finally see Joey Gold in billy Elliot
Sooooo beautiful #ppt4c
@5sos Luke hemmings. My #mcm cause he’s 18 and I can now.
Morgan met Charli finally.
She is such a nugget. #charli
This sums up tonight #silly
My miley puppet was on point today. #bangerz @mileycyrus
Oh btw Charli came to the wizard of oz as a pink ninja turtle
Jack came to see his favorite show the wizard of oz. it was also Charlottes first theater experience. #ppt4c
In honor of #wcw and the World Cup. I choose Rihanna at the World Cup.